Welcome to Canada’s premiere and most complete organic and ayurvedic health spaoffering a full range of traditional Ayurvedicand Modern holistic body, beauty and fitness therapies including customized herbal, diet, weight loss, yoga, and Pancha Karma (ayurvedic detoxification) programs and retreats.

A pioneer in sustainable organic holistic health care, the Salt Springs Spa offers a wide range of locally handmade organic products and treatments to suit your every need. Organic Ayurvedic and Aromatherapy products are designed to offer your skin, mind and body a state of balance between the Doshas: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Organic and chemical-free Samya Ayurvedic Products work to balance the three vital Doshas.

Our 12 room spa offers many organic therapies whether it’s a signature organic Jurlique facial, an aromatherapy bath full of the island’s healing mineral waters, a body wrap with local seaweed, or handmade organic herbal extracts. The focus on natural, local and organic products and therapies has translated into our ongoing education projects and the founding ofSamya Inc. Since January 2006 we have thus been teaching courses to educate health practitioners and the public on the many branches of Ayurvedic medicine, organic spa, holistic therapies and yoga.