Conveniently located five minutes south of Ganges, Salt Spring Massage Studio offers personalized, effective massage that focuses on long-lasting results. With 22 years of experience, Kathryn offers Hot Stone Relaxation or Deep Tissue Massage using herbal-infused oils she has created especially for her practice.


I came to Kathryn after suffering an injury, which consequently turned into a frozen shoulder. I started with the common practises of the medical route: for five months I received chiropractic care (which aggravated the problem further), along with physio and registered massage therapy. Although the latter two treatments helped to a degree, I did not feel the progress was going as quickly as it should after having spent $4,000, so I turned to a cortisone injection for the inflammation as I was in extreme pain. I was then fortunate to be offered Kathryn’s services, which helped from the very first session as painful as it was. With Kathryn’s amazing care, the soft tissue massage, hot stones and chinese suction cups, the herbal oils, the use of castor oil packs and extra advice on supplements and diet, I made progress in leaps and bounds in less than 90 days. I now have most of my mobility back after more than a year, with great thanks to Kathryn! Many thanks, N. Fraser

I can’t begin to express how much Kathryn has helped me. I was incapacitated with shoulder, upper back and neck pain for over six months before coming to her for deep tissue massage. Her healing hands, hot stones, cupping and herbal-infused oils made a tremendous difference—I could feel it after the very first massage. The castor oil packs and supplements she recommended also played a big role in my recovery. Kathryn is very knowledgeable, experienced and truly gifted, and I feel extremely grateful to have found her here on Salt Spring! Thanks again, Jane Tucker

Dear Kathryn – I would like to thank you for the fantastic treatments I receive with you. The deep tissue massages have done wonders on my body and it is responding in a remarkable way! No more numbness in my hands or soreness in my back. My muscles seem to move more freely and I no longer feel tight and strained. I value our sessions together and the service you provide. You are easily the most effective masseuse to ever work on my body! Lynn Dawson, Harlan’s Chocolates / Salt Spring Gelato

If you want to feel amazing fast and learn how to stay that way, go see Kathryn at Salt Spring Massage Studio. I had a few chronic issues with my hips and shoulders, but between learning some simple home remedies, Kathryn’s magic healing hands and her herbal oils, we moved a lot of pain in those areas. I definitely feel much better and learned so much about what I can do for myself in the process. Congratulations on your oils Kathryn – they really need to be out there! Sincerely, Dawna Masters

Kathryn is a true artist and I would recommend her for several reasons including her individualized approach and technique. She is great with deep pressure and did wonders for my aching feet. After suffering from Plantar Fasciitus for well over a year, my feet have pain-free for months and I am able to work a full day on my feet without any discomfort. Kathryn takes the time to get to know your body and remembers what I like and don’t like. Easily the best massage I’ve ever had! Ille Kaglik, Saltspring Island Chocolates Inc.

I have known Kathryn for many years and know her to be a truly kind, warm, giving, fun loving, honest and sincere person with an unbelievably good heart. I have personally witnessed her blossoming and personal transformation. She is a unique and powerful healing spirit. Kathryn is an amazingly astute and adept masseuse also.

Before i met Kathryn, i was in constant paid which diminished my energy, which made it difficult to do anything from raking leaves, doing yoga, walking sometimes even. I was resigned to it. It was sciatica and i had had it for years and tried everything; chiropractors offered very temporary relief. One day at most and not complete relief. I felt instinctively that i needed traction in my lower back, that somehow my lower vertebrae had been compacted. I feared that they were permanently damaged and that is why i had become just resigned to living in pain and discomfort. I told her that my lower back was almost always sore, that it made if very uncomfortable with all sorts of activities and that i had a pain shooting down the back of my leg and into my toes which sometimes felt numb. Kathryn was the only healer who really listened to me and acted effectively upon what she was hearing.  After repeated deep tissue massages to loosen and relax the surrounding muscles, tendons, ligaments, and break up old scar tissue, probably going back to my childhood and/or teenage days, Kathryn literally invented a technique to help me, just through intuition and her hands and bodies deep, kinetic, innate, and highly empathic knowledge of the human body.

I will never forget the moment, when she did it, the turning point for my health! After repeated attempts to help me, to alleviate my pain, mainly through deep tissue massage where she went very deep indeed, she managed to loosen the lower vertebra enough that the sciatic nerve was freed. Quite suddenly i felt a loosening and then a warm rush in my lower back, a pulse, as the circulation returned to that area and my pain was gone, the feeling of tightness and compression, gone! It has never come back and it’s 10 years later; i’m so grateful words can not even express. Only someone like Kathryn, and i’ve never met another spirit so warm and caring in my whole life, could have done that. It was not an easy job but she stuck with it through repeated sessions and somehow, through finely attuned intuition, sincere intent and the determination to help me and not give up until i was healed, she succeeded.

Since then i have witnessed Kathryn help many others, always with an open heart, pure intent, applying common sense, undeniably healthful practices, such a yoga and weight training, various herbal infusion and oils, which Kathryn actually makes her self, right here on Salt Spring Island ( Kathryn applies a sensible, intelligent, and balanced and highly effective approach to healing.

sincerely, Kenneth Fersht, multimedia artist/musician/mariner

Hi Kathryn – Thank you for your intuitive and effective work. I have had more than my fair share of accidents, between cars,  motorbikes and falls, and was not always as kind to my body as I am now. I was reluctant in the past to have bodywork done because it has been quite painful and, even though I did not tell you, you zoned in to the areas and released tension that I have stored for decades. My flexibility has increased, I am sleeping better, I am more relaxed and your work on my abdomen has been a huge help with a hernia I have had for years. I must also say that the infused oils you make are incredible – I tried several different infusions and they were all great for home use. We are lucky to have you on the island, Kathryn! Thanks so much, Brian Taylor