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Mount Maxwell, Salt Spring Island, BC

I am located on beautiful Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada.

I offer treatments through shiatsu massage and craniosacral therapy.

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About Yaz

yaz-yamaguchi,shaitsu,massage,saltspringI was born in Japan and as a young boy I walked my parents’ backs to relieve tension accumulated daily in their lives. I remember instantly becoming fascinated with the results.

Much later on I decided to study shiatsu formally in order to pursue it as a passion. My training was a 2200 hour diploma program at Shiatsu School of Canada in Toronto under Kaz Kamiya. I began a full time shiatsu practice there in 2001. Ten years later, I learnt craniosacral therapy in Toronto under Robert Harris, and I added it to my practice.

Craniosacral is about waiting for a shift to come by listening. On the other hand, my style of shiatsu has the opposite approach. It’s an attempt to create a shift. My adoption of craniosacral therapy was such a delight to me as these two became a perfect combination of yin and yang for my self expression.

I commonly practice the two modalities in separate sessions. Occasionally both are performed consecutively in a single session to create a flowing river meets a still pond effect.

I moved to British Columbia with my wife, Marnie in September 2012. First on Gabriola Island, and we have been on Salt Spring since May 2014. BC has been good to us, and it’s great to be near my daughter, Emily who lives in Duncan.


Shiatsu Massage Therapy   Shiatsu is a clinical massage/bodywork based on oriental medical theories. My style of shiatsu should rather be described as a free style deep tissue work. It’s a shiatsu that is greatly inspired by two other oriental massages, Chinese tuina and Japanese anma. I have no formal training for the latter two styles, except for private trainings with a great bodyworker, Rudy Ho of HongKong.

My work involves tapping, kneading and stretching as well as sustained deep pressure of the traditional shiatsu therapy. It is done fully clothed, and on a massage table.

The aim for the therapy is a long lasting result for pain relief and stress management.

I could also assist you with balancing of your ki(qi), your metaphysical energy of well being. For example, you’d be helped for a shift if your ki is stagnated. Or I would help you gather if it’s scattered.

Craniosacral Therapy Craniosacral therapy is a gentle hands on technique, developed for stress disorders, pain and neurological conditions. The basic concept is that the cranial bones are making subtle rhythmic movement continuously in response to cerebrospinal fluid fluctuations. There is also a subtle movement of the whole body due to the fluid pressure changes around the central nervous system. The aim of the treatment is to detect disturbances in the rhythm in order to restore. And it is done on any part of the body. In my experience, it has had great results particularly for headache/migraine, tinnitus, vertigo, TMJ syndrome and a stiff neck.

Another benefit of this therapy is its ability to bring profound stillness when the cranial bones are worked on. Although the pressure is merely the weight of a dime, it can penetrate and tap into depth of your consciousness, somewhere that’s very old in you. 


I am honoured by my clientele’s response and I can only hope to become better in order to help you.

“Yaz has a unique talent to transform one’s entire being in the span of even one treatment. His touch is truly therapeutic on all levels: the muscles, organs, mind and spirit are all nurtured.” — Renita (singer)

“When Yaz is at work he is his work. He completely tunes in with your body and its needs.” — Sabine

“I’m an extra-large woman with arthritis and Parkinson’s disease. By seeing Yaz weekly, I am able to walk with the aid of a walker and function almost normally.” — Reda McGilchrist

“Yaz is an excellent practitioner. His skill, his knowledge and intuition are exceptional.” — Lidia Kuleshnyk, B.Sc., M.E.S.

“Yaz’s work is an important part of the healing process for me as a recovering cancer patient.” — Rick Dance “Great massage, great relaxation, great technique, great location and a great price! What else do you need?” — David Sealy, Associate Director CBC TV Sports Network